DRIVING School
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       Just SOme of the many Benefits of Short stop driving school:

  1. Bulletno hidden fees - (no gas surcharge, no book fees, no late fees, no convenience fee for payment plans)

  1. Bulletpick up and drop off students at home & school

  1. BulletConvenient payment plans

  1. Bulletcompetitive prices

  1. BulletOffer classes every 4 weeks throughout the entire year

  1. BulletAllow flexible scheduling around work, athletics, Personal, and school schedules

  1. BulletProvide a positive & Learning atmosphere with licensed educators that have over 30 years of public school experience.

Short Stop Driving School L.L.C. is committed to ensuring that young drivers are provided with the skills, training, Safety, and information required to be a responsible and courteous driver. Short Stop driving will follow Michigan’s Graduated driver licensing (GDL) benchmarks. under the  benchmarks, driving privileges ARE gradually increased as teens advance through 3 licensing levels. The programs success rests on the combined efforts of the instructors, parents, students, and third party testers. learning to drive is an important right of passage for teens especially in todays mobile society.